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With Western Union, you can send money online 24/7. Your receiver can pick up the money as cash at a Western Union agent location. The fee for transfer is collected according to tariffs of Western Union and depends on the amount of money sent. Western Union helps you send money and provide for your loved ones almost anywhere in the world. In yet another variant of this scam, the buyer will provide a real Western Union Money Transfer Control Number (MCTN) to the seller, which can be checked on the Western Union website. However the buyer will not tell the seller who sent the money, thereby making it impossible to receive those funds. It's like showing someone a wad of dollar bills but not handing over the money.

Western Union: list of places, page 1
# Name Address Phone
Zanati U. 70. Szombathely, 9702
Marcius 15. Sq. 1. Szombathely, 9708
Szofia St. 29. Szombathely, 9704
Fo Sq. 3-5. Szombathely, 9700
Kossuth Lajos St. 18. Szombathely, 9701