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Western Union services are available practically around the globe. With the help of Western Union and MoneyGram you can transfer money to relatives, friends and colleagues. In 1873 Western Union purchased a majority of shares in the International Ocean Telegraph Company. This was an important move because it marked Western Union's entry into the foreign telegraph market. Having previously worked with foreign companies, Western Union now began competing for overseas business. Scammers picked up the cash immediately at other Western Union locations, even though the transfers were sent to made-up recipients and Western Unions policy is to always check for proper ID. Find Western Union Location in your country. Fast. Simple. List Western Union agent locations.

Western Union: list of places, page 1
# Name Address Phone
Str Fagului Nr 3 Agentia Fagului Barlad Barlad, Vaslui 731070
Str Republicii Nr 185 Bl G1 2 Sc B Sucursala Barlad Barlad, Vaslui 731136
Str Republicii Nr 284 Bl C4 Agentia Barlad Nord Barlad, Vaslui 731052
Str Republicii Nr 200 Agentia Barlad Barlad, Vaslui 731070
Str Republicii Nr 231 Barlad 1 Barlad, Vaslui 731070