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The fee for transfer is collected according to tariffs of Western Union and depends on the amount of money sent. Western Union - the fastest and easiest way to transfer money to any corner of the world! Be safe in the knowledge that each transfer is protected by Western Union's worldwide security system and the money is available for collection at a Post Office near you. The Western Union Company is a financial services and communications company based in the United States. Western Union is a wire transfer service that allows you to quickly transfer money all over the globe. While itís not without risks, it is a reliable way to get money to friends and family almost anywhere in the world. Follow this guide to make sure your money gets to where it needs to go. Western Union Online Money Transfer is subject to the terms and conditions of the Regions Agreement and Disclosure Statement for Electronic Banking Services and the Western Union Money Transfer User Agreement, as posted at the Regions Online Banking website. The system of Western Union - the most well-known international money transfer system.

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Blvd 1 Mai Bl 20 Agentia Husi Husi, Vaslui 735100